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3D/4D Ultrasound   

Three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound is a recent advance to the traditional two-dimensional (2D) imaging. Detailed images are made using harmless sound waves. 3D umages have rapidly evolved and are currently used daily in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 3D/4D imaging is used in conjunction with 2D real-time sonography to enhance what can be seen with this innovative technology.

Images acquired in 3D/4D are originally no different than in 2D, but planar slices of a fetus or structure are stored digitally for evaluation. Depth and contours not normally imaged can now be characterized. The advantage is that not one plane, but the entire volume can be stored and analyzed. Stored volumes of 3D images can be used to generate a surface rendered image, such as the highly advertised portraits of the fetal face, in amazing detail.

In gynecology, 3D/4D sonography has been used primarily to evaluate the uterus and planes of the endometrium or lining not visualized or captured by 2D views. Uterine abnormalities such as bicornuate (2 cavities) or those with septae (membranes associated with infertility or miscarriage) can be delineated. Additionally, benign polyps and fibroids can be seen in great detail. In oncology, ovarian images can be quantified with blood flow patterns that may suggest earlier diagnosis for malignancy.

We are happy to have available 3D/4D ultrasound imaging at Women's Health Consultants. Dr. Hubbell is a member of the A.I.U.M. (Association of Imaging in Ultrasound Medicine) and completes written examinations yearly to maintain his affiliation. As we can offer and learn more about obstetrics and gynecological disorders through improved imaging, we become better at fetal abnormalities and diagnosis for management.
If patients bring a CD-R (recordable disc), we are happy to capture the digital images for home use.

Ultrasound screenings include:

  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Pelvic Mass
  • Increased Endometrial Lining
  • Uterine Fibroids

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