Test Results Policy:
Our motto has always been “no news is good news”, however please be assured that if there is an abnormal finding you will be contacted promptly by one of our office staff.

Pap Results:
You will be contacted for an abnormal pap test only, however if you would like to obtain your test results from Lab-Corp you may call 888-567-8723 or go to the web address at
www.LabCorp.com/patientinfo, 10 or more business days after your Pap specimen has been collected. You will need to provide your nine digit Social Security number, date of birth, and the date your Pap specimen was collected.

Patient Registration Forms:
In order to expedite the registration process you may download the required documents. They will consist of patient demographics, HIPAA release, and medical history forms. When you check in for your appointment you will need to bring these forms along with current insurance information and a photo ID. Please check in 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Please take a moment to review the Financial policy of Women’s Health Consultants.  If there are any questions, please notify our office manager.

Medical Records:

Medical record release forms are available to request medical records from Women’s Health Consultants or to release medical records from another physician to Women’s Health Consultants. Please complete the correct lines for obtaining and releasing records as indicated, forward the form onto the appropriate location.

** In compliance with State law there is a fee for releasing medical records from our office, $22.82 for chart research, and .53 per page copied. If you request notarization you must be present and there is an additional $2.00 fee. There is a downloadable invoice form which must be completed and attached to the medical records release request.

Please Note: Womens Health Consultants old chart requests should be directed to JCMG Medical Records department at 573-556-7787, the new custodian of all former WHC OB/GYN charts. They can process your request. See contact information below.

1241 W. Stadium Blvd,
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Ph 573-556-7787

FAX 573-761-3262

email: medicalrecords@jcmg.org


Women's Health Consultants
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