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For those who suffer from heavy or irregular bleeding and the menstrual cramps associated with these problems, there is a minimally invasive office procedure to alleviate these issues. Novasure is a single, one-time therapy that gently removes the lining of the uterus (endometrial ablation) to control abnormal bleeding.

In a recent study, 97% of our patients have been satisfied and would recommend Novasure to their friends. Dr. Hubbell and his staff have performed hundreds of office ablations with rapid recovery in a safe, cost-effective and comfortable setting without the use of general anesthesia.

Novasure treatment time is generally around two minutes with the use of pretreatment drugs. Both local and intramuscular (or intravenous) medications ensure patient comfort. A diagnostic hysteroscopy is first performed to rule out tumors or uterine abnormalities. Then, the cervix is slightly dilated and a radio frequency device is placed inside the uterus and conforms to the shape of it. Finally, the radio frequency is delivered.

Dr. Hubbell performed the first endometrial ablation procedure in an office setting 11 years ago. His professional staff has perfected a protocol that has had great success. If you regularly experience uncontrolled bleeding, have exhausted the hormonal medicine approach, or are experiencing embarrassing accidents and/or fatigue, you are probably a candidate. Childbearing should not occur after any endometrial ablation procedure because it poses a risk to the mother and fetus.

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