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Implantable Birth Control      

Are you looking for a birth control method that does not require daily, weekly, or monthly dosing? Or maybe you're done having children, but are concerned that sterilization is just too final? IMPLANON may be the answer for you.

IMPLANON is a small, flexible, plastic rod the size of a matchstick that is put under the skin of your arm in an in-office procedure, and is effective for 3 years.

Is this a widely accepted form of birthcontrol?
Since 1998, there have been more than 2.5 million IMPLANON units prescribed in more than thirty countries. It is a progestin-only method of birth control and does not contain estrogen. IMPLANON does not contain latex or silicone and will not dissolve.

How is Imlanon Inserted?
The insertion is a minor procedure that can be performed in a Healthcare Provider?s office. The entire procedure is done painlessly using a local anesthetic and generally takes a few minutes.

Will the Implant be noticable?
Most women can't see IMPLANON after insertion. Only you and your Healthcare Provider will know you're using it! You should be able to feel where IMPLANON is by gently pressing on your skin in the area where it is inserted.

How effective is Implanon?
It is more than 99% effective; the chance of getting pregnant is less than 1 pregnancy per 100 women who use IMPLANON. IMPLANON prevents pregnancy is several ways. The most important way is by stopping release of an egg from your ovary. IMPLANON also thickens the cervical mucus, which acts as a barrier to prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg.

How long will Implanon protect from pregnancy?
This is a three year method of birth control and must be removed or replaced at the end of the third year. However, if pregnancy becomes desirable during this time period, the IMPANON can be easily removed. Your ability to get pregnant usually returns quickly. Some women have become pregnant within days of removal of the device. This procedure is a minor procedure done in the office with local anesthetic, taking just a few minutes.

Who is NOT a canidate for Implanon?
Anyone who is pregnant or think you may be pregnant
Anyone who has serious blood clots, such as blood clots in your legs, lungs, heart or head
Anyone with unexplained vaginal bleeding
Anyone with liver disease
Anyone who has had breast cancer
Anyone allergic to anything in IMPLANON

Will Implanon be covered by my insurance?
IMPANON is covered by most major your insurance plans. Call your insurance provider and ask if it is covered under your policy.

If you are interested in this method of birth control, let us help you determine if it is right for you. It is not known if IMPLANON is as effective in overweight women. Certain medicines may make IMPLANON less effective, and you may also need to use a barrier method of contraception while you are using these medicines. It is very important to us that you understand all the potential risks and benefits of using IMPLANON, so visit us for a thorough discussion regarding your needs.

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